Unlike cloud-based solutions that require heavy latencies
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あなたのより大きな道 運用意識

MicroAI AtomML™ is a self-correcting, semi-supervised learning engine that aggregates data from PLCs, IoT sensors and other existing sources, to tune itself to create a 360-degree view of asset behavior – delivering performance improvements and security enhancements to any IoT device or machine.


MicroAI’s MicroAI AtomML™ was developed to enable machine operators and device managers to gather specific data about their assets—in real-time— without dependency on the cloud. The result has been a new, transformative, awareness of the performance, integrity, and security of smart devices and machines within an IoT ecosystem. These real-time insights are providing stakeholders with the means to improve operational efficiencies and to maximize asset ROI.

Unlike cloud-based solutions that require heavy latencies, MicroAI AtomML™ is able to deliver rapid, intimate, asset analytics in real time.

Prior to MicroAI AtomML™ it was virtually impossible to fit a machine learning algorithm onto an edge device. MicroAI AtomML™, in combination with MicroAI’s custom-built machine learning network, provides an elegant solution for deployment onto IoT devices and machines. This provides operational insights that are faster, more reliable, and more cost effective. Managers and operators are better equipped to make decisions on when to procure, decommission, proactively maintain, and repair their most valuable assets to avoid catastrophic downtime and failure.

MicroAI AtomML™ — Harnessing Smart Analytics at the Edge

MicroAI AtomML™ — Smart (IoT) Asset Applications

  • 製造設備
  • スマートフィールド機器(エネルギー、O&Gなど)
  • 生産ライン試験装置
  • ロボットセンサー
  • スマートホームデバイス



  • 不正なスマートアセットアクセスの検出
  • AI対応の異常なネットワーク動作の評価
  • 異常なデータ変動の自動分析
  • 通信および承認プロトコルを改善するための自己学習


  • リアルタイムの資産パフォーマンス監視により、パフォーマンスの異常にプロアクティブに対応できます。
  • AI対応の予測分析は、潜在的な将来の障害に対する洞察を提供します。
  • 不必要な機械の整備を避けるためのメンテナンススケジュールの最適化。
  • 生産性と資産使用率の最適なバランスを実現するための資産生産率の自動微調整。


MicroAI’s unsupervised learning engine evolves by fine tuning itself in order to deliver the most optimal performance improvements and security enhancements to the machine or device.

To provide the most insight, an AI algorithm must be able to ingest numerous forms of sensor data (e.g. acceleration on the x, y, and z axes) MicroAI AtomML™ can concurrently analyze as many data types as needed to deliver critical alerts with the highest correlation to the specific event.

When assets are sensitive to environmental fluctuations, such as magnetic field disturbances, operators and technicians require high frequency analytics to alert them of any issues. MicroAI AtomML™ delivers this seamlessly.

In mission-critical operations, actions must be taken on a split second basis to avoid a catastrophic event. MicroAI AtomML™ processes all the asset data locally enabling immediate event related alerts and faster response time.


MicroAI AtomML™ provides AI and ML developers with a revolutionary approach to AI training of smart devices and machines. AI training that occurs right on the device/machine MCU.

MicroAI AtomML™ brings big infrastructure intelligence into a single piece of equipment or device. Unlike traditional AI-driven asset management solutions that rely on edge-based microcontrollers, MicroAI AtomML™ is deployed directly onto smart devices and sensors.


  • 柔軟性とスケーラビリティ単一の資産(MCU)にデプロイするか、資産エコシステム全体に拡張します
  • スピードと俊敏性クラウドではなくローカルで処理されたデータは、迅速でリアルタイムのデータサンプリングを提供します
  • セキュリティ資産の健全性をリアルタイムで可視化し、迅速な脅威対応を可能にする自己学習
  • 費用資産モデルのトレーニングは資産MCUで直接行われます。高価な新しいハードウェアは必要ありません。

See MicroAI AtomML™ in Action




Accessing the MicroAI™ Cloud Infrastructure

MicroAI’s Cloud provides the infrastructure to access data from any connected source and execute complex algorithms that use data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence. The integrative capabilities work together to deliver analytics that optimize the performance of every asset while automating sales, service and core internal workflows.

Accessing the MicroAI™ Mobile Application

MicroAI’s Mobile Application brings Next Generation Optimization into the hands of your Technicians, Salespeople and Supervisors. By curating analytic output from the EDGE and CLOUD, MicroAI™ MOBILE empowers your field force to address the right task at the right time to improve the customer experience. With MicroAI™ MOBILE, stakeholders optimize their daily operations with more visibility and confidence than before.

SDK Launch

MicroAI AtomML™ brings big infrastructure AI down into a single piece of equipment or device! Developers will be able to embed AI training into Raspberry Pi devices to achieve greater levels of intelligence and control.

Download MicroAI AtomML™