Edge-native AI for advance security, predictive maintenance, operational excellence, endpoint intelligence
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Our Products

Harnessing smart analytics at the extreme edge

MicroAI AtomML™

Deploy MicroAI AtomML directly onto your IIoT edge devices or machines and start generating real-time performance data and alerts

MicroAI AtomML+™

MicroAI’s AtomML+™ is an agentless-based technology. Agentless means that is streams data from multiple endpoints into one centralized location.

MicroAI Launchpad

A Quicker and Simpler Way to Launch Your Edge-AI Initiatives

Download our
E-Docs and SDK

The award-winning MicroAI AtomML™ SDK enables developers to easily embed AI and ML into a smart asset. MicroAI AtomML™ runs directly, locally, on smart asset MCUs and MPUs. Greater design flexibility and cost control! Download the MicroAI AtomML™ SDK.

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Pioneering Edge-Native AI

AtomML is a breakthrough technology, because it brings several game changing capabilities into one solution, and hence addresses many of these difficult to solve problems with edge devices.

  • Learn what is normal vs anomaly without any configuration
  • Leave very tiny footprints and does not consume resources while delivering value
  • Runs on any device, hardware, with any operating system, or even without any OS
  • Can be activated and deployed quickly
  • Provides ecosystem of visualization and customization toolkits to adapt to client needs


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