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Press Releases


Embedded Computing Design

MEmbedded Executive: Yasser Khan, CEO/Co-Founder, MicroAI December 15, 2021

Electronics Weekly

Launchpad for quick-start edge AI development November 05, 2021

Semi Engineering

Easier And Faster Ways To Train AI November 04, 2021

Design News

How to Build a Better Assembly Line By Dan Carney | December 14, 2020

Manufacturing Automation

Using artificial intelligence at the edge By Chris Catterton | December 7, 2020

Online byline feature article (Nov/Dec 2020 issue published with article included)

Manufacturing Engineering Magazine (Print)

Manufacturing Embraces Hybrid Reality December 2020 Print Issue

(Also published online on November 12th)

Manufacturing Automation Magazine

AI at the Edge By Chris Catterton, ONE Tech, Inc. | Nov/Dec 2020

Using artificial intelligence to process data on an edge device helps to create new value for OEMs

Manufacturing Engineering

Manufacturing Embraces Hybrid “Reality” By Alan Rooks | November 12, 2020

(published by SME: Society of Manufacturing Engineering)

Electronic Products & Technology

Implementing AI into hardware designs October 19, 2020

4 Key steps engineers can take when deploying artificial intelligence By Chris Catterton, director of solution engineering, ONE Tech Inc.

OEM Magazine

The Aftermarket Opportunity October 2, 2020

From training to pay-for-performance to features on-demand, the emerging machine builder business model focuses on services that reduce a manufacturer’s financial risk by shifting the responsibility of asset acquisition and management on to the OEM.

Electronic Products & Technology (EPT)

Implementing AI into Hardware Designs (pages 12-13) October 2020 Issue

How AI at the Edge Can Generate Enterprise-Wide Savings By Yasser Khan | October 6, 2020

Manufacturing Business Technology

How AI at the Edge Can Generate Enterprise-Wide Savings By Yasser Khan | October 6, 2020

Transforma Insights

Developing AI at the edge October 2, 2020 | By Jim Morrish (industry analyst)

Embedded Computing Design

Minimizing Algorithm Footprint and Training at the AI Network Edge September 8, 2020 | (Yasser Khan byline)

Topio Networks: Edge Essentially newsletter

AI at the Edge: New Machine Learning Engine Deploys Directly on Sensors – News August 11, 2020

*Link to All About Circuits article

Manufacturing Tomorrow

Edge AI technology in Manufacturing Operations July 8, 2020

Q&A with Chris Catterton, Director of Solution Engineering, ONE Tech

Connected World 

Connected World IoT Innovations 2020 June 1, 2020

The Evolving Enterprise 

Edge AI strategy launched by ONE Tech June 1, 2020


Training at the Network Edge with AI: 3 Key Benefits By Yasser Khan | May 11, 2020

*Lead story in May 20 e-newsletter

The Evolving Enterprise

The value of training devices at the network edge with AI April 23, 2020

(Yasser Khan Contributed Byline)

IoT World Today

Security by Design Principles Are Vital in Crisis Mode By Brian Buntz | April 7, 2020

*Included in the April 16 newsletter

Smart Industry 

Perspectives Part Two: COVID-19 & manufacturing April 7, 2020