MicroAI™ to Bring AI Training to Renesas MCUs
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MicroAI™ Launchpad Accelerates Development of Smart Systems with Breakthrough Edge-Native AI


MicroAI™ Launchpad Accelerates Development of Smart Systems with Breakthrough Edge-Native AI

DALLAS, Texas—November 3, 2021MicroAI™, the pioneer in edge-native artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) products, today announced MicroAI Launchpad™, a quick start development and deployment tool. Launchpad helps organizations simplify and accelerate the design, development, testing, and deployment of next-generation smart systems, that run embedded MicroAI software on microcontrollers (MCUs) and microprocessors (MPUs) in edge and endpoint devices.

Launchpad makes it simple to handle customers with SIMs around the world and provides a flexible way to manage and reconfigure device profiles. Launchpad gives engineers a single pane of glass for customizable dashboards, including account creation, authentication, mobile SIM or LoRaWAN connectivity activation, credit card billing for global SIM connectivity, and easy onboarding of MicroAI’s embedded software libraries.

“MicroAI’s goal is to democratize the development of smart machines for all organizations across any industry,” said MicroAI CEO Yasser Khan. “Regardless of industry or product, building a next-generation smart device includes creating an edge AI model, but also integrating connectivity and cloud resources, as well as device activation and management.”

MicroAI’s embedded software, AtomML™, enables OEMs to deploy personalized, edge-native AI models, without needing to develop static edge-AI models first in a cloud or laptop and then port them to the embedded device. Instead, MicroAI AtomML moves the training and inferencing directly to the embedded device. Launchpad then simplifies and reduces the time and cost to integrate the MCU and MPUs into an edge device, which can be tested and scaled to POCs for mass deployment.

MicroAI Launchpad, which can be white labeled, is used by semiconductor companies, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and service providers. Semiconductor companies that offer SKUs with MicroAI embedded AI software can leverage its end-to-end device management and deliver it to their customers to help expedite design, development, testing and deployment. In addition, OEMs directly engaged with MicroAI benefit from Launchpad’s flexibility to evaluate various hardware, software, and cloud solutions before finalizing a deployment model. For IoT service providers, Launchpad will meet their need for a one-stop-shop for device certification, connectivity, and deployment, thus gaining a deeper insight view of connected devices on their networks.

About MicroAI

Based in Dallas, Tx., MicroAI™ is the pioneer in edge-native artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) products. The company is personalizing AI for connected machines, edge devices, and critical assets by embedding its proprietary edge-native AI technology directly onto microcontrollers (MCUs) and microprocessors (MPUs) within these edge endpoints. This enables device-specific and more accurate AI modeling for next-gen edge and endpoint cyber security, advanced predictive maintenance, IoT performance optimization, and significant improvements in overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). The company’s mission is to democratize edge-native AI for all connected, smart devices by reducing the complexity, time, and cost to design, develop, and deploy embedded, edge-native AI. For more information, visit www.micro.ai.

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Anja-Maria Hastenrath

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Cynthia Hoye

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