Agentless ML Platform for Optimization of IT and OT Assets
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MicroAI AtomML+ is an agentless machine learning platform for optimization of IT and OT asset Ecosystems. AtomML+ brings centralized intelligence to groups of devices and machines to deliver optimized performance, enhanced cyber-security, and reduced cost.


AtomML+ vs AtomML

AtomML is designed to be embedded into a single IT or OT asset while AtomML+ provides the inbuilt scalability to be applied to an ecosystem of assets. Comparative features and applications include:




Embedded ML engine for individual asset optimization


Edge-based ML engine for optimization of groups of assets


  • Runs on MCUs, MPUs and PLCs
  • Autonomous training
  • Asset-specific cyber-security
  • Low Cost & quick integration
  • Comparative & predictive performance analytics


  • Runs on MPUs, PLCs, DCS, MIPS, RISC, x86
  • Asset observability on individual & groups of devices & machines
  • Learns the baseline performance of the entire asset group


  • Industrial machines
  • IT and OT machines & devices
  • IoT & IIoT devices


  • Manufacturing operations
  • Process monitoring and optimization
  • IT infrastructures
  • OT infrastructures

Centralized Optimization of IT/OT Assets

AtomML+ enables deep observability and multi-spectrum predictive analytics within complex IT and OT infrastructures. AtomML+ provides AI / ML derived actionable insights, at the machine, factory, and enterprise levels. Asset ecosystem optimization advantages that include:


Centralized Data Management

Data produced by groups of assets is managed from a centralized location. This improves the speed and reliability of data insights and actionable alerts.

More In-Depth Health Scores

Depending on configuration, AtomML+ can either generate health scores for each individual asset, or a single health score for the entire IT or OT asset ecosystem.

Light and Flexible

AtomML+ is an agentless-based platform that requires no external software processes and is less reliant on development of customized application code. AtomML+ can be deployed in a wide range of IT and OT ecosystems.

Predictive Analytics

Operational excellence requires not only knowledge of what is happening now, but insights into potential future developments. AtomML+ provides the deep learning that is required for true predictive analytics and insights. Moving from reactive to predictive asset management.

IT and OT Operational Excellence

Intelligence that is reliable, immediate, and cost-effective is the key to achieving new levels of operational excellence within any IT or OT environment. AtomML+ brings the latest in edge-based, agentless, AI technology to bear on operational excellence. Demonstrable benefits include:

  • Improve OEE

    A 15% improvement in OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) can equate to a 17% increase in productivity. An operation producing $60M worth of products can increase their output to ~ $70M.

  • Process Optimization

    Edge-based intelligent workflows that optimize the performance and efficiency of every critical process, interaction, or transaction across the IT or OT business enterprise.

  • Rapid Plug and Play Deployment

    Unlike cumbersome, legacy, AI solutions, AtomML+ can be deployed and providing value with a couple of weeks as opposed to several months.

  • A centralized, holistic, cost-effective, agentless AI ecosystem that delivers ongoing optimization and intelligent governance of the entire IT or OT infrastructure

Rapid Cyber-Threat Detection

AtomML+ trains advanced security algorithms directly into the devices, machines, or processes within the IT or OT infrastructure. AtomML learns the normal state of asset behavior and provides early-stage detection of profile deviations caused by cyber intrusion. Comprehensive cyber-security that delivers:

Enhanced cyber security that eliminates external software support systems, reduces exposure of data to peripheral functions, and centralizes the monitoring of assets.

Edge-based predictive AI and ML algorithms that learn and predict the behavior of mission-critical IT and OT assets. The ability to predict upcoming cyber events.

Edge-based security that enables quicker detection and reaction to ransomware and zero-day infections. Mitigate the spread and impact of an attack.

Once security protocols have been validated on a limited number of assets, AtomML+ can be quickly scaled to include a larger number of devices and machines. This eliminates the risk associated with deployment of too large a security solution at the onset.

Interested in how MicroAI can benefit you?

 MicroAI AtomML brings big infrastructure intelligence down into a single piece of equipment or device.