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MicroAI Security™

Endpoint AI that delivers asset-specific protection against today’s Zero-Day cyber-attacks

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Asset-Centric Protection Against Zero-Day Cyber Attacks

What is a Zero-Day attack? It is an attack that you did not see coming and reacted too late to prevent its damage. Zero-Day attacks can take many forms, including:

Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS)

  • Hackers penetrate IoT network and compromise performance of critical assets
  • IoT networks are overwhelmed via infection of hundreds/thousands of devices


  • Hackers steal critical data and demand ransom for return
  • Operational and asset data can be permanently compromised


  • Confidential information hacked and used to access sensitive data
  • Unauthorized access to connected devices and machines

Cloud Breach

  • Cyber-criminals penetrate an IoT cloud ecosystem
  • Asset data is stolen during transmission to cloud and/or during storage

The 3 stages of a Zero-Day attack



Hacker initiates infection – infection remains dormant and undetected




Attack is initiated on specified date – infection activates on targeted devices and provides first indication that devices and data are at risk




Catastrophic invasion creates havoc across the entire IoT ecosystem resulting in degraded operations and loss of data integrity

MicroAI Security™ – A More Local Approach to Cyber-Security

Monitoring, alerting, and mitigation at the asset endpoint

Edge-native AI for Next-Generation Zero-Day Attack Protection

  • mcu-device
    Machine and device centric:

    MicroAI Security™ is embedded at the MCU or MPU of a device or machine – Zero-Day protection at the extreme edge.

  • algorithms
    Proprietary algorithms:

    Predictive AI and ML algorithms that live, train, and learn directly on the targeted asset – predict instead of reacting.

  • alerts
    Quicker alerts and faster mitigation:

    Endpoint security that enables quicker detection and reaction to Zero-Day infections – staying one step ahead of hackers.

  • monitoring
    Local monitoring and data-processing:

    Processing critical data at the endpoint eliminates security risks associated with cloud processing – more secure and more cost effective.

Endpoint AI-Enabled Zero-Day Vulnerability Detection

  • 1

    Unauthorized Access of Devices

  • 2

    Abnormal Network Behavior

  • 3

    Application Profile Changes

  • 4

    Communication Protocol Anomalies

  • 5

    Data Variability Outside Normal Operations

Industries Protected by MicroAI Security™

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