IoT Security Solutions that Protect Your IoT investments
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MicroAI Security™

End-2-End Behavior Anomaly Detection

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What type of connected devices and machines require the highest degree of IoT security?

Industry-Specific Devices

Industrial control systems (PLCs, HMIs, robotic arms, etc.), medical devices (patient monitoring systems, mobile imaging systems, infusion pumps, communication badges, etc.), retail (barcode scanners, POS system, loss prevention, etc.), warehouse (inventory systems)

IT Infrastructure

Access points, routers, switches, firewalls, baseboard management controllers of servers

Office Devices and Peripherals

Printers, VoIP phones, smart TV screens and monitors, Bluetooth keyboards, headsets, etc.

Building Automation

HVAC systems, security systems, lighting systems, cameras, vending machines, etc.

Personal or Consumer Devices

Smartphone, smart watch, gaming consoles, Apple TV, Slingbox, digital assistants, cars, etc.

The most dangerous cyber attack is the one you never saw coming. An AI-enabled IoT Security solution helps you predict rather than react.

Devices become infected – infection remains dormant and undetected until future date

Zero Day Attack is initiated – Infection wakes up on devices and provides first indication that connected assets and data are at risk

Catastrophic invasion creates havoc across the entire IoT ecosystem resulting in degraded operations and loss of data integrity

MicroAI’s IoT Security Enhancement solution

Enhances already deployed security protocols for all your Connected Devices and Equipment

End-2-End Behavior Anomaly Detection
  • System: Hardware,
    OS & IoT Device
  • Network: Traffic between
    sensors, gateway and servers
  • Applications: Data
    residing on the IoT device

MicroAI’s AI-Powered IoT Security Vulnerability Detection

  • 1

    Unauthorized Access of Devices

  • 2

    Abnormal Network Behavior

  • 3

    Application Profile Changes

  • 4

    Communication Protocol Anomalies

  • 5

    Data Variability Outside Normal Operations

Industries Enabled by MicroAI Security™

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MicroAI AtomML™

MicroAI’s MicroAI AtomML™ brings big infrastructure intelligence down into a single piece of equipment or device.

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