MicroAI Insight Provides Edge AI Management of Smart Assets
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MicroAI Insight™

A Comprehensive Edge-native AI Platform that Provides a Full Suite of
Asset Management Capabilities.

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MicroAI Insight™ brings Edge-native AI technology to operations looking to improve the overall performance of an entire smart asset and machine ecosystem. From asset performance, to workflow efficiency, to data security, MicroAI Insight™ delivers foundational intelligence, including:

  • Data IngestionSeamless and secure ingestion of data from a wide variety of industrial, manufacturing, and automotive devices and equipment. This can include sensors, robots, inspection machines, PLC’s, IoT field assets, and databases.
  • Data Visualization/Dashboarding A powerful visualization engine that enables real-time event management across individual assets within a smart asset ecosystem. Drag and drop, customizable, dashboards can be configured to visualize real-time asset data and to trigger actionable alerts.
  • Intelligent Workflows-Workflow automation Improve asset management and operational efficiencies via conversion of static manual processes into processes that are dynamic, automated, and intelligent. AI-enabled workflows that learn and self-adjust to keep workflows finely tuned for maximum efficiency.
  • Embedded IoT Security ProtocolsSmart asset performance monitoring that includes AI-enabled security and SSL protocols. Protection from cyber-threats using cutting-edge AI capable encryption methods that protect against intrusion of foreign devices into your smart asset environment.
  • Scalability Unlike other methodologies, MicroAI Insight™ can be deployed on multiple smart assets, individually and simultaneously, to enable asset-specific performance benchmarking, real-time data visualization, intelligent field service workflows, and more.
  • Reliable Connectivity Seamless and reliable connectivity to a wide variety of smart assets and data sources. Reliable communication with assets and data ingestion from a variety of sources such as sensors, computational metrics, DBs, PLCs and more.

MicroAI Insight™ is available in two configurations to provide flexibility to operations looking for an AI-enabled smart asset management solution. Operations within the manufacturing, oil and gas, automotive, telecom, and semiconductor sectors can choose the configuration that best meets their unique requirements.

MicroAI Insight™ Advanced

AI + Smart Asset Management + Analytics/Dashboards

Visualize and monitor the performance of your smart devices and machines via user-friendly, customizable dashboards with built-in reporting features. Real-time event visualization and management that provides intimate insights into the performance, health, and security of your smart assets. Specific AI-Enabled Edge-based features include the following:

A MicroAI Insight™ preloaded with MicroAI Insight™ real-time event visualization capabilities and dashboards, combined with the capabilities provided by MicroAI™. Dynamic dashboards that include:

  • Asset Performance Management
  • Enterprise Asset Management
  • Asset Security Management


Data-ingestion and mashing to create custom analytics and dashboards using MicroAI AtomML™ data as well as other data sources (PLC’s, sensors, robots, databases, API’s, flat files, etc.).

MicroAI Insight™ Advanced

Next generation benefits that include:

  • Sensor Fusion
  • 24/7/365 remote monitoring of individual assets within an asset ecosystem
  • Real-time event management, anomaly detection, and alerts
  • Warranty compliance tracking
  • Edge computing capability
  • AI-enabled predictive maintenance
  • Asset lifecycle management
  • Active device management and output optimization
  • API gateway management
  • Deployment flexibility (in the cloud or on premise)


MicroAI Insight™ Enterprise

AI + Smart Asset Management + Analytics/Dashboards + Workflow Management/Automation

In addition to all the capabilities contained within MicroAI Insight™ Advanced, MicroAI Insight™ Enterprise also provides a powerful workflow management and automation engine. Operations can graduate from Advanced to Enterprise when ready to automate and optimize processes associated with smart asset management, service delivery, and business execution.

MicroAI Insight™ Enterprise utilizes AI-enabled intelligent workflows to automate and manage a wide range of processes contained within a typical smart asset ecosystem. This can include customized automated workflows for:

MicroAI Insight™ Enterprise

Next generation benefits that include:

  • Sales Process Management with CRM
  • Contract and SLA Handling
  • Workorder Management
  • Dispatch Scheduling & Technician Management
  • Invoice Management
  • Warranty Compliance
  • Remote Monitoring Routines
  • Device and Asset Management
  • Automated Routing of Anomaly Alerts
  • Predictive Maintenance Routines
  • Security Protocol Automation


Industries Enabled by MicroAI Insight™

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