AI-Enabled Digital Factory of the Future in a Small Footprint
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MicroAI Factory – The Digital Factory of the Future. An Edge-native AI platform that provides OEE optimization, asset lifecycle management, predictive analytics, intelligent workflows, and data visualization.


MicroAI Factory – Digital and Intelligent

MicroAI Factory was developed specifically to provide manufactures with AI-enabled intelligence and insights that improve factory floor performance. MicroAI Factory establishes a single point of reference, promotes deep federated learning, and creates accountability for factories on a global scale.

How Does MicroAI Factory Work?

  • Asset Data Acquisition

    Data is leveraged from a variety of IoT devices and machines. MicroAI Factory is agnostic to sensor values and types. It creates a multi-variant model that utilizes AI inference analysis to generate a wide range of predictive analytics.

  • Local Analysis

    Device and machine performance data is synthesized and analyzed locally—in real time. Sensitive data is also stored locally, minimizing the amount of data that is transferred to the cloud. Analytic latency is eliminated, and exposure of data reduced.

  • Behavioral Algorithms

    MicroAI Factory utilizes multidimensional behavioral algorithms to produce recursive analysis, training, and processing. This enables a continuous evolution of the Edge-native AI model that takes place directly on the endpoint.

  • Analytics and Alerts

    AI at the extreme edge provides deeper, more intimate, insights into asset health and performance that have not been available with traditional AI solutions. Asset optimization is achieved via intelligence instead of assumptions.

  • Data Visualization

    Presentation of real-time asset performance data via user-friendly, customizable, drag and drop dashboards. Data is customized to meet the specific requirements of various operational and business stakeholders.

The Predictive Factory Realized

With MicroAI Factory, operations can now fully evolve into a digital, predictive, manufacturing state that delivers the following features and values:



Centralized, self-contained, endpoint-based, performance monitoring Deeper observability: Provides real-time device and machine-centric performance monitoring and reporting
Edge-native AI embedded and trained into the asset endpoint Predictive insights: Provides predictive analytics that mitigate the impact of performance issues and that enable a transition to predictive maintenance
Flexible and scalable implementation Single or multiple factory coverage: Can be integrated into a single factory or scaled across an entire network of factories, creating a network intelligence
Historical trend analysis at the individual machine, device, process, or factory level Predictive manufacturing: Enables the prediction of future asset and process behavior as well as productively levels of lines and shifts
Embedded intelligent workflows that learn and evolve Optimized processes: Improves process performance, eliminates redundancy, and minimizes human intervention
Customizable, scalable, and asset-specific security algorithms Zero Trust Cyber Security: Provides quicker detection and response to Zero-Day cyber-attacks (detection in minutes vs days)
All the above Asset optimization, better control, reduced costs, higher OEE, improved security

Rapid and Cost-Effective Deployment

Unlike other solutions on the market, MicroAI Factory can be deployed and providing predictive factory benefits within a matter of weeks. MicroAI Factory eliminates the prohibitive cost, resource consumption, and risk associated with other AI-enablement products. Deployment advantages include:


  • A lightweight, small footprint, digital factory platform that can be rapidly deployed and quickly scaled
  • A self-learning, self-adjusting platform that does not rely on heavy human support to onboard
  • A “Digital Factory in a Box” that does not require external hardware or software support systems
  • MicroAI Factory can be networked across multiple facilities to create a complete network of manufacturing intelligence
  • Lower cost, quicker deployment, more comprehensive, less reliant on external support, and faster ROI

Interested in how MicroAI can benefit you?

 MicroAI AtomML brings big infrastructure intelligence down into a single piece of equipment or device.