MicroAI Factory™
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MicroAI Factory™

Edge-native AI Technology that Drives Industry 4.0 Operational Excellence

Why Edge-native AI for

Machine-specific AL and ML algorithms that produce asset-centric predictive maintenance intelligence 01
Improves asset life-cycle management and OEE 02
Endpoint intelligence provides real-time insight into the performance of the entire manufacturing ecosystem (machines, processes, and staff) 03
AI and ML that enables the transition to a predictive manufacturing state 04

MicroAI Factory™ was developed specifically to provide

manufactures with AI-enabled intelligence and insights that improve factory floor performance. Endpoint AI and ML features that include:

Real-time device and machine-centric performance monitoring and reporting

Centralized and self-contained performance monitoring and optimization

Performance alerts powered by AI-enabled learning and analysis

Edge-native AI that is embedded and trained into the asset endpoint

Historical trend analysis at the individual machine level

Performance insights that enable the shift from preventive to predictive maintenance

Process optimization via integration of intelligent workflows

Embedded workflows that learn and evolve

Endpoint security for protection against Zero-Day attacks

Customizable and scalable to provide asset-specific protection against sophisticated cyber-attack

MicroAI Factory™ provides manufactures

with a self-contained AI and ML ecosystem that delivers operational and business value. Value that includes:

Holistic view of performance of the entire manufacturing ecosystem

Non-siloed, at-a-glance, perspective of real-time performance and events

Extension of capital-intensive asset lifespans

Real-time asset health monitoring, process-driven mitigation actions, and predictive maintenance capability all combine to extend the lifespan of expensive assets

Enhanced visibility into status and health of business-critical assets

Ability to fast-track issue identification and corrective action and to identify recurring problems based on historical data

Improved allocation and performance of human resources

AI-enabled intelligent workflows reduce the reliance on human intervention and ensure optimum execution of processes

Increased machine and device uptime via predictive maintenance methodologies

Elimination of downtimes due to unnecessary maintenance activities and/or unforeseen malfunctions

Improved cyber-security for the entire factory floor

Machines, devices, processes and data are protected by embedding and training advanced security algorithms directly into those assets

Optimized asset productivity and health + intelligent factory workflows + improved resource allocation
+ next-generation AI cyber-security = Industry 4.0 operational excellence.

What does Industry 4.0 Mean?

The Four Industrial Revolutions


Industry 1.0

Mechanization and the introduction of stream and waterpower


Industry 2.0

Mass production assembly lines using electrical power


Industry 3.0

Automated production, computers, IT-systems and robotics


Industry 4.0

The Smart Factory, Autonomous systems, IoT, machine learning

MicroAI Factory – the Technology

MicroAI Factory employs next generation Edge-native AI technology to bring intelligence closer to the machines and processes within a manufacturing environment. Technology that includes:

A comprehensive, self-contained, ecosystem of intelligence, self-learning, analytics and reporting

The ability to embed AI and ML algorithms directly into the microcontroller (MCU) of a device or machine

The ability to localize training and inferencing at the edge, without labeling data, allowing for customization of AI models

Local processing of data–not in the cloud—enables rapid, real-time, data sampling

The creation of multi-variant models that utilize AI inference analysis to generate a wide range of predictive analytics

MicroAI Industry 4.0 Architecture

MicroAI Industry 4.0 Architecture enables hyperscale data aggregation from multiple layers of the industrial environment: Sensors, control systems, intelligent edge.
The architecture is open and enables new applications to be added. For example: quality, parts, labor, material, etc.
This architecture enables multiple sites/factories to share AI-Driven insight in a secure manner and enables federated learning.

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Deploying the Digital Factory

Deployment of MicroAI Factory is designed to be simple and non-intrusive. This “smart factory in a box” provides:

  • A completely self-contained, plug and play, solution that can be quickly deployed
  • All required hardware, software, and network components
  • Flexible configuration to accommodate specific factory requirements
  • Rapid access to AI and ML generated insights into factory performance
  • Scalability to include multiple factories within a comprehensive Digital Factory network

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