MicroAI™ Integrates with Supermicro Edge Management Software
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MicroAI™ Integrates with Supermicro Edge Management Software and Solutions to Deliver Breakthrough IT/OT Asset Management Capabilities

Supermicro Edge Management Software

MicroAI™ Integrates with Supermicro Edge Management Software and Solutions to Deliver Breakthrough IT/OT Asset Management Capabilities

Next generation of IT and OT asset management provides deeper observability, predictive intelligence, and hardened cyber security

DALLAS, TX—September 20, 2022MicroAI, the pioneer in embedded and Edge-native artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) products and solutions, today announced that it will team with Supermicro at MWC Las Vegas to demonstrate breakthrough capabilities in Edge and Embedded AI (artificial intelligence) and ML (machine learning).

MicroAI and Supermicro Product Integration

MicroAI is integrating its AtomML+ and Security products with Supermicro Edge Management Software product to provide breakthrough capabilities in IT and OT asset performance optimization. Next-generation Edge-native AI and ML capabilities that include:

  • Personalized asset observability that provides deeper insights into the performance, health, and security of mission-critical assets.
  • Predictive analytics that power a transition from reactive to predictive asset lifecycle management and maintenance.
  • Data ingestion and visualization that enables real-time event management and at-a-glance dashboard visualization across an entire asset ecosystem.
  • Reduced cloud dependance that minimizes data exposure, eliminates latency, and reduces data transmission costs.
  • Zero-trust cyber security that provides hardened asset protection against today’s sophisticated Zero-day cyber-attacks.


The integration of MicroAI and Supermicro Edge Management Software and Solutions will create an Edge-native AI enabled Factory in a Box. The plug and play solution that combines MicroAI software with Supermicro edge management software and systems, will deliver unparalleled operational and business value to any industry that depends on highly optimized performance and security of IT and OT assets. Advantages that include quicker deployment, more flexibility, easier scalability, reduced cost, lower risk, quicker ROI, improved cyber-security, and true operational excellence.

“We are excited to announce the integration of MicroAI’s products with Supermicro’s new Edge Management Software and Systems,” said Yasser Khan, CEO of MicroAI. “Ultimately, this collaboration will provide the enhanced AI and ML capabilities necessary to transform the performance and security of mission-critical IT and OT assets.”