AI Technology that Delivers Powerful Telecom Solutions
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Edge-native AI Solutions Powering Next-Generation Telecom Solutions

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What We Do

We utilize deep Telecom industry experience to deliver embedded AI and ML solutions that create brand loyalty to the services and solutions offered by Telcom operators.

Our core AI engine, MicroAI AtomML™, enables deep monitoring of Quality of Service (QoS) metrics for network operators, equipment OEM’s, device manufacturers, and customers.
We deliver next-generation, AI-enabled, security solutions that provide end-to-end threat detection and mitigation across the entire telecom ecosystem.

Featured Solutions &
Services for Telecom

  • AI-Enabled Network Security

    Network Predictive

  • Device Certification

  • Self-Learning Intelligent Workflows

    IoT Device

  • AI-Enabled Network

  • IoT Device Integration

    Self-Learning Intelligent

Industry Challenges


Network, device, and data security

Implementation of AI-enabled security protocols to protect networks and devices from today’s sophisticated cyber-threats.


Lack of intimate insights into network and device performance

A lack of telecom-centric AI-enablement solutions make it difficult for operators and device OEMs to develop the real-time performance insights that would bring additional value to their customers.


Collection and aggregation of device analytics

No ability to automate the collection and visualization of performance analytics on devices that share a common IMEI TAC.

Business KPIs

Improved Network Performance :

MicroAI AtomML™ embeds and trains AI and ML algorithms that produce predictive analytics that improve network performance and reduce costs.

Intelligent Security :

Self-learning security protocols embedded at the network and device levels deliver state-of-the-art security to operators, OEM’s, and customers.

Deeper Device Visibility :

The ability for telecom operators to funnel device performance data back to device OEM’s and customers.

Improved Customer Satisfaction :

QoS metrics generated by AI-enabled analytics power the fine tuning of the customer experience.

Benefits to Telecom Operators and Device OEM’s

AI at the extreme edge for intimate asset and process optimization

  • Visibility

    AI at the edge or the endpoint provides network operators and device OEMs with deeper insights into real-time network and device performance.

  • Performance

    AI and machine learning embedded into the network and integrated with smart device data improves the performance of the entire telecom ecosystem.

  • Security

    The MicroAI AtomML™ self-learning algorithms provide the real-time intelligence needed to protect networks, devices, and data from today’s sophisticated cyber-threats.

  • Customer Experience

    Utilizing deeper insights into the complex interactions between devices and their networks, telecom operators and device OEM’s can offer new value to customers.

  • Operational Excellence

    A comprehensive intelligent telecom ecosystem that bridges the visibility gap between the network and the millions of devices that it carries.

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Case Studies

Network, Device, and Data Security

A silo approach to telecom security no longer provides adequate protection against evolving threats. MicroAI AtomML™ is providing the means to embed AI and machine learning security protocols into all the interconnected components within today’s complex telecom networks. MicroAI AtomML™ provides the learning and rapid threat response required to protect networks, devices, data, and customers.

Holistic Management of Ecosystem Performance

The MicroAI AtomML™ engine is powering edge-AI enablement at the network level as well as at the device endpoint. This paradigm shift in telecom intelligence is providing the collective insights needed to mutually optimize network and device performance. AI-enabled predictive analytics are used to predict and automatically respond to changing network conditions.

Resolving the IMEI TAC Aggregation Challenge

MicroAI AtomML™ is providing endpoint device intelligence that is aggregated, synthesized, and visualized by network operators, device OEM’s, and customers. Network operators can automatically collect and visualize performance data on devices that share a common IMEI TAC. These insights are used to optimize device performance and improve the customer experience.

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Deployment Model


MicroAI AtomML™ can be an integral component within a device certification process (similar to LWM2M) that
provides device insights that are more intimate, quicker, more reliable, and more secure.

Edge AI solutions customized for the Telecom segment

Harnessing smart analytics at the extreme edge

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