MicroAI + Silicon Labs

Our partnership enables users to quickly build an AI-enabled MCU with MicroAI's AtomML and Silicon Lab's hardware. AtomML is a self-learning AI platform that ingests real-time data from sensors to detect operating anomalies and generate health scores for connected devices.

AtomML Features:

  • No Historical Data Required
  • Trains and Inferences Locally
  • Model Continuously Adapts

Sample Use Case: Air Quality Condition Monitoring

  • Identify Harmful Pollutants
  • Enhance Safety Protocols
  • Mitigate Hazards in your Environment

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Your Evaluation Steps

Silicon Lab's Thunderboard 2

Download our user guide on this page
Implement AtomML SDK on your Silicon Labs hardware kit
Monitor your environment by detecting anomalies and generating health scores

Launch Your Edge-AI Initiatives

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