MicroAI Revolutionizes Machine Observability and Performance
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Machine automation was yesterday. Embedded machine intelligence is today. MicroAI™ takes operational technology (OT) machines and equipment past the horizon of industry 4.0 and into the threshold of industry 5.0. OT assets that are smarter, more productive, more secure, and more profitable.


OT Machine Optimization Gaps

OT operators face several challenges in their efforts to fully optimize the performance, security, and ROI of their devices, machines, and equipment.

  • Shallow Observability:

    Many OT machines deployed today lack the deep—asset-specific— observability required to produce deep insights into performance and security.

  • Monitoring and Reporting Limitations:

    Machines and devices do not have the ability to self-monitor or self-report. Critical performance insights go undetected and/or unreported.

  • Lack of Predictive Maintenance:

    Reliance on static maintenance processes that are unable to self-adjust based on current real-time conditions of the machine. This creates unnecessary downtimes and poor OEE.

  • Scattered Command and Control:

    A centralized command and control center is needed to aggregate, synthesize, and react to the volumes of data generated by OT machines.

  • Outdated Cyber Security:

    OT machines are vulnerable to cyber-attack due a lack of edge and embedded AI security protocols. Machines and their data can be severely compromised.

  • Cloud Dependance:

    OT machine data transmission cost can be prohibitive due to the necessity to transmit all data to the cloud for, synthesis, analysis, and reporting.

Machine Observability Revolutionized

MicroAI offers a full arsenal of embedded and edge AI products designed to radically transform the performance of OT machines and devices. MicroAI’s AtomML™, AtomML+™, and Launchpad™ provide proprietary technology that delivers:


  • Holistic Input Ingestion: High-speed sampling of machine time-series signals are ingested by the ML processing engine.
  • AI Processing Engine: An agent-based or agentless (depending on configuration) AI platform that enables:
    • Training: Automatic construction of an AI model based on real-time signals generated by OT machines.
    • Live Inferencing: A dynamic, evolving, model produces AI generated performance boundaries, real-time anomaly detection, and predictive analytics.
  • Dashboards and Workflows: Real-time, drag and drop, dashboards that can be fully customized for a specific OT machine or large batches of OT assets. Dashboards and workflows that provide:
    • Deep Visibility: Live insights into the performance, health, and security of the OT machine (ability to respond to conditions 400x faster than previously possible).
    • Trend Analysis: Historical data analysis that produce predictive insights into future behavior, maintenance requirements, and productivity.
  • Workflow Automation: Embedded intelligent workflows that automate the process of alert notification, action routing, and mitigation verification.

OT Machine Cyber-Security

OT machines are under constant threat from malicious actors armed with a constantly evolving cyber arsenal. Many legacy cyber-security solutions are not equipped to withstand this assault. MicroAI provides next-generation protection for OT machines.

  • Reduced Cloud Dependence

    Endpoint and edge security allows all critical data to be collected, synthesized, and analyzed locally. OT machine data is not exposed to cloud transmission, significantly reducing its exposure to cyber-attack.

  • Personalized Security

    Ability to customize security protocols on a machine-by-machine level to accommodate specific conditions for individual assets or groups of assets.

  • Quicker Alerts and Mitigation

    Localized, asset-specific, security that provides quicker notification of security breach and faster activation of mitigation actions.

  • Predictive Security

    Predictive analytics produce actionable insights into future threats. Enables a transition from reactive to predictive security.

  • Simple Integration

    Quickly onboard and validate security protocols into machines within the OT ecosystem. Eliminates the need for expensive external hardware and costly data labeling.


The Next-Generation OT Machine

MicroAI’s industry-leading suite of embedded and edge AI solutions are powering the next generation of advancement in OT machines. OT operations will realize multiple operational and business benefits.

Higher OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) scores due to personalized intelligence, deeper observability, and predictive insights.

Improved OT infrastructure productivity via machine-specific and machine ecosystem intelligence that enables quick identification and corrective action on assets that are performing below their normal state.

Lower machine data transmission costs via reducing the amount of data that must be transmitted to the cloud (savings in the hundreds of thousands of dollars).

Zero Trust cyber security that provides hardened protection against all types of Zero-Day attacks and that evolves with the changing landscape (react in seconds instead of days).

Rapid and cost-effective implementation of MicroAI solutions that are self-contained, have a tiny footprint, are plug and play, and that provide rapid ROI.

All the above will combine to provide OT operators with differentiating performance, improved operational efficiency, reduced costs, improved bottom lines, improved security, and reduced risk.

Interested in how MicroAI can benefit you?

 MicroAI AtomML brings big infrastructure intelligence down into a single piece of equipment or device.