MicroAI Reduces Data Transmission Cost by 80%
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Data Transmission

MicroAI™ embedded and edge AI solutions can reduce data transmission by as much as 80%. This can result in significant and immediate benefits to businesses of all sizes, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars for data-intensive operations.


MicroAI Data Transmission Solution

The historical reliance on the cloud has been due to the lack of data processing capability on most edge devices. These devices are typically limited in both power and processing capability, making them unsuitable to run sophisticated machine-leading-based algorithms to detect anomalies, performance deviations, or cyber-attack attempts. MicroAI’s breakthrough technology solves these problems by providing:

  • Edge-native AI:

    Complex ML-based algorithms are embedded directly into edge devices and machines, enabling sophisticated compute functions on low-powered assets.

  • Advanced Functionality:

    Next-generation, edge-based, functionality such as anomaly detection, performance optimization, and advanced threat detection.

  • Reduced Cloud Dependance:

    The bulk of asset data is processed locally, in real time, providing quicker value while reducing the amount of data processed in the cloud.

  • More Flexibility:

    MicroAI can be deployed in a variety of configurations and can run on any smart device and on any operating system (RTOS, Linux, etc.).

Next-Generation Data Transmission

With its Edge-native AI – ML technology, MicroAI can determine if a device is performing normally. Only anomalies are transmitted to the cloud, reducing the amount of data that requires cloud support. MicroAI enables cost-effective, multi-dimensional, inputs and complex processing. Business and operational advantages include:


  • Personalized intelligence and deep observability into asset performance and security
  • Rapid asset insights delivered in milliseconds instead of minutes or hours
  • Ability to bring intelligence to devices and machines that are limited in power and memory
  • Enhanced ability to process massive amounts of data and to efficiently leverage the power of that data
  • All the above result in improved data value, optimized asset performance, rapid threat mitigation, and potential savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars in data transmission costs

Interested in how MicroAI can benefit you?

 MicroAI AtomML brings big infrastructure intelligence down into a single piece of equipment or device.