MicroAI Insight™ Simplifies the Edge-AI Development Process
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MicroAI Launchpad™

A Quicker and Simpler Way to Launch Your Edge-AI Initiatives

MicroAI Launchpad™ provides developers with a next-generation platform to design, test, and deploy AI-enabled microcontrollers (MCUs) into smart devices and machines.

MicroAI Launchpad™ Registration

Launchpad applications

Launchpad device profile creation

Launchpad plan selection

Launchpad provides developers with a powerful AI enablement tool.
Developers can now:

  • Quickly onboard MicroAI’s AI and ML software libraries
  • Develop systems that leverage MCUs and MPUs embedded with MicroAI™ software
  • Test and modify designs within a controlled, real-time, environment
  • Quickly integrate designs with other system components
  • Perform final system testing in preparation for deployment


MicroAI Launchpad shortens development time, reduces costs, and provides a quicker time to market.

Supported by the latest in Edge-native AI Technologies

Launchpad leverages MicroAI’s extensive suite of Edge-native AI products to provide a design platform that goes beyond other solutions currently on the market.

MicroAI AtomML™

An asset-centric approach to AI enablement and training. AtomML lives and trains right on the MCU or MPU of a connected device or machine.

MicroAI AtomML+™

MicroAI’s AtomML+™ is an agentless-based technology. Agentless means that is streams data from multiple endpoints into one centralized location. Here, an endpoint is the actual unit, equipment, and machine

MicroAI Launchpad

A Quicker and Simpler Way to Launch Your Edge-AI Initiatives

Quick and easy Launchpad Account Creation and Activation

Launchpad makes it easy to get started. A few simple, user-friendly, steps within a single pane of glass:

Create an account1

Quickly create an account on the MicroAI cloud.

Profile your device(s):2

Define the profile parameters of your device.

Connect your device(s): 3

Connect your device via LTE, Bluetooth, WiFI, LoRa, etc.

Integrate MicroAI AtomML: 4

Activate AtomML on the device and activate connectivity with MicroAI client.

Enable and Visualize: 5

Customize and visualize dashboards, create workflow-driven events and notifications using MicroAI Insight.

MicroAI Launchpad™

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