Edge AI Platform for Smart Asset & Machine Optimization
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MicroAI AtomML+™

An Edge-native AI platform that lives directly on the MCU or MPU of a smart device or machine.

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Monitoring Agents:

MicroAI’s AtomML+TM is an agentless-based technology. Agentless means that is streams data from multiple endpoints into one centralized location. Here, an endpoint is the actual unit, equipment, and machine


The information technology industry consists of many servers. Bigger companies may have internal servers and external servers on the cloud. Typically, one server is comprised of twenty machines depending on the size. This is one piece of hardware. AtomML+TM is perfect for consolidating streamed data directly from multiple machines into one place.


AtomML+TM can monitor the performance and security. This results in an increase in observability, which means enhancing the ability to enhance the observation power to monitor these assets.

Benefits of Agentless-based Technology

  • Central point of data management.
  • It collects data and distributes it to servers.
  • It gathers data from the system that it monitors from a remote programming interface.
  • More data can be processed
  • Beneficial for multiple endpoints
  • Builds Health score for machines without putting agents on the endpoint.
  • The data is processed on the Edge Gateway in real-time and analyzed for understanding behavior of individual machines or group of machines.
  • It enables the ability to add additional nodes later.

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