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Endpoint AI that delivers asset-specific protection against today’s Zero-Day cyber-attacks


Asset-Centric Protection Against Zero-Day Cyber Attacks

What is a Zero-Day attack? It is an attack that you did not see coming and reacted too late to prevent its damage. Zero-Day attacks can take many forms, including:

Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS)

  • Hackers penetrate IoT network and compromise performance of critical assets
  • IoT networks are overwhelmed via infection of hundreds/thousands of devices


  • Hackers steal critical data and demand ransom for return
  • Operational and asset data can be permanently compromised


  • Confidential information hacked and used to access sensitive data
  • Unauthorized access to connected devices and machines

Cloud Breach

  • Cyber-criminals penetrate an IoT cloud ecosystem
  • Asset data is stolen during transmission to cloud and/or during storage

The 3 stages of a Zero-Day attack



Hacker initiates infection – infection remains dormant and undetected




Attack is initiated on specified date – infection activates on targeted devices and provides first indication that devices and data are at risk





MicroAI Security™ – A More Local Approach to Cyber-Security

Monitoring, alerting, and mitigation at the asset endpoint

Edge-native AI for Next-Generation Zero-Day Attack Protection

  • mcu-device
    Machine and device centric:

    MicroAI Security™ is embedded at the MCU or MPU of a device or machine – Zero-Day protection at the extreme edge.

  • algorithms
    Proprietary algorithms:

    Predictive AI and ML algorithms that live, train, and learn directly on the targeted asset – predict instead of reacting.

  • alerts
    Quicker alerts and faster mitigation:

    Endpoint security that enables quicker detection and reaction to Zero-Day infections – staying one step ahead of hackers.

  • monitoring
    Local monitoring and data-processing:

    Processing critical data at the endpoint eliminates security risks associated with cloud processing – more secure and more cost effective.

Endpoint AI-Enabled Zero-Day Vulnerability Detection

  • 1

    Unauthorized Access of Devices

  • 2

    Abnormal Network Behavior

  • 3

    Application Profile Changes

  • 4

    Communication Protocol Anomalies

  • 5

    Data Variability Outside Normal Operations

Industries Protected by MicroAI Security™