News: ONE Tech sponsor a STEM-focused summer mini-camp.
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ONE Tech and Plasma Sponsor STEM Mini-Camp in the Atatiana Project

ONE Tech Sponsor STEM Mini-Camp

ONE Tech and Plasma Sponsor STEM Mini-Camp in the Atatiana Project

ONE Tech and Plasma Computing Group were proud to have the opportunity to sponsor a STEM-focused summer mini-camp as part of the “Atatiana Project”. The event was held on the TCU campus and ran from July 19番目 through the 23rd. The mini-camp was open to children between the ages of 6 and 12.

The Atatiana Project was launched to encourage underrepresented kids to pursue careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering, math). During the mini-camp the children were able to participate in a wide variety of team-oriented exercises that encouraged the development of basic skills related to problem solving, critical thinking, computer coding, etc. The children then put this knowledge to work by demonstrating what they could build using the coding skills learned during their exercises.


ONE Tech and Plasma Sponsor STEM Mini-Camp


This event provided the children with a real-life experience of being in a college (TCU) classroom. In addition to providing the classroom environment, several TCU members (including the women’s basketball team!) made appearances to provide the kids with encouragement and valuable life lessons. The event gave the kids an opportunity to get a glimpse into what a STEM-focused learning environment would look like.

ONE Tech and Plasma were pleased to help sponsor this mini-camp by providing food and drinks, 2 Acer laptops for top performers, and gift bags and gift cards for every child.