Paradigm-Shift AI Technology for Smart Automotive Solutions
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Your Pathway to Predictive Automotive​


What We Do

AI-Enabled Telematics

  • AI Models Trained and Embedded at the Device/Sensor Endpoint
  • Raw Telematic Data Collected and Analyzed at the Endpoint vs in the Cloud
  • Predictive Insights into Vehicle Status, Behavior, and Performance
  • Workflow-based Data Processing and Alerts
  • AI-Enabled Security that Protects Devices and Data from Cyber-Attack

Global, Cost-Effective, Connectivity

  • Telematics Control Unit (TCU) Data Processed Locally
  • Lower Volumes of Data Sent to the Cloud
  • Quicker Insights into Critical TCU Data
  • No Cloud Connectivity Issues (speed, latency)
  • Lower Overall Data Processing Costs

Scalable Smart Automotive Solutions

  • Deploy on a Small Scale or Across Entire Fleets
  • Customizable to Meet Any Unique OEM Requirement
  • Quick Deployment of Go-to-Market Solutions
  • Big Data Architecture for High Volume Processing

MicroAI AtomML™ Unique Platform, Powered by Powerful Resources

  • Activation platform which lets you manage cellular connectivity worldwide

    – Single pane of glass view of all assets

    – Customizable plans in 190+ countries

  • Global team supporting business processes 24/7 across the globe

  • Complex Over 3,000 Engineers Worldwide

    Japan | Australia | India | United States



Tier-1 Automotive: Large volumes of data being generated by vehicles creates excessive cloud connectivity and processing costs. Transmitting that data over cellular connections also creates problems associated with connectivity, speed, and latency.


MicroAI AtomML™ is deployed directly onto the vehicle device endpoint(s) to monitor and learn from the driver’s behavior and vehicle performance. Behavior and performance deviations are automatically logged and alerts generated.
MicroAI AtomML™ processes the data locally. No cloud connectivity issues. No cloud data processing costs. No cloud-induced latency issues.


  • 1Reduced Cloud Costs and Dependency
  • 2More Rapid Processing of TCU Data
  • 3Improved Driver and Vehicle Safety
  • 4Reduced Vehicle Maintenance Costs

資産パフォーマンス管理– By processing vehicle data locally, the cost of data transmission cost and cloud storage/processing is mitigated, bringing only actionable insight to the surface for OEMs, service providers and vehicles owners.

Business Values
for Vehicle as a Platform

  • Machine Learning Platform for Embedding into TCU/ECM/MCU Hardware Architecture
  • Integrate IoT Sensor, OT / System Data, Weather
  • Sensor / Data Agnostic
  • Communication Protocol Agnostic
  • Train Models and Process at the Endpoint and/or Edge
  • Multidimensonal Behavioral Algorithm Running Recursive Analysis
  • Predictive Maintenance on Vehicles
  • Vehicle Grading Engine

Benefits to Drivers and Processes

Edge-based AI and ML for asset and process optimization

  • Visibility
  • Performance
  • Assessment
  • Operational Excellence
  • Business Excellence

High Availability Real-time Data Pipeline for IoT Devices

  • Firmware client for real-time secure connectivity to the cloud using MQTT
  • We have MCU, MPU, MIPS and other hardware architecture support
  • Client version C, Java, Golang, Python
  • FreeRTOS, Embed Linux, Linux, Android, Windows Supported OS
  • IoT Devices can connect to Data pipeline using various protocols such as BLE, Bluetooth, LoRa, 3GPP, 4g/LTE, NB-IoT, CAT-M etc.

AI signal processing and model building using MicroAI AtomML™

  • Build AI models on the edge or cloud using MicroAI AtomML™ using a nominal model (Reference)
  • Ability to build models that depict normal OBD2 behavior and then monitor actual performance vs the baseline
  • MicroAI AtomML™ can be deployed on new or existing TCU infrastructure
  • Driver and sensor behavior data captured locally without having to send to the cloud
  • Ability to connect data for an entire fleet onto single-pane-of-glass visualization tools
  • Promotes vehicle and driver safety via real-time monitoring of vehicle speed, acceleration, braking, seatbelt status, etc
  • Reduces accidents and traffic violations while building consumer confidence

Want to know more about how to optimize your specific industry?

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Case Study :
Cold Chain Management

  • By combining temperature, humidity and GPS data sources- an end-to-end cold chain management system can be deployed
  • Managing the entire lifecycle by combining asset management with temperature detection
  • The integration of MicroAI AtomML™ improves the reliability of refrigeration assets by analyzing asset health and performance data locally instead of shipping data to the cloud


Products that enables Predictive Automotive

Harnessing smart analytics at the extreme edge