Partnerships with MicroAI™ and leverage our next-generation technology
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Join The MicroAI Partner Program

“Our clients lean on our expertise in AI/Machine Learning and Asset Performance Optimization. Bringing MicroAI’s next generation technologies into our portfolio of architected solutions has elevated our brand and capabilities with all of our current and future clients.” – a Premier Partner

Why Partner With MicroAI™

MicroAI™ enables partners to integrate the power of edge-AI with their unique portfolios to provide added-value to their customers and differentiate their solutions.

私たちのパートナーは、 MicroAI™ Partner Program–彼らは、私たちの次世代テクノロジーを活用して提供する価値を構築し、イノベーションの限界を押し広げる業界リーダーのコミュニティーに参加します。の MicroAI™ Partner Program is made up of organizations both small and large; from those that sell MicroAI’s Predictive AI to those that use it; from traditional resellers to new, born-on-the-cloud companies; from architects to deployment experts. Throughout the journey, we make it about you and your success — FIRST.


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The MicroAI™ Partner Program is available for those enterprises that want to sell our products and/or integrate with our company.

By integrating with MicroAI™, our partners enhance their capabilities to deliver the solutions for tomorrow’s world. Their innovative solutions help shape the ever-evolving landscape of how we live and work, by driving transformation across all major industries; including oil & gas, energy & utilities, manufacturing, automotive, and agriculture.


MicroAI’s partner program has the right path for you.

技術 Partners

Differentiating your solution in the market requires innovation, acceleration and a symbiotic technology partnership. With MicroAI in your corner, you have access to exceptional teammates that will enable you to improve your ability to compete and deliver exceptional value.


  • 業界固有の専門知識
  • 次世代テクノロジーへのアクセス
  • 専用サポート
  • 顧客紹介
  • 収益の増加
  • 付加価値のためのエッジベースのソリューション統合
  • エコシステムに会社のロゴを掲載してください

SI/Consulting Partners

Differentiating your intellectual capability and expertise in the market requires innovation, acceleration and a symbiotic technology partnership. With MicroAI in your corner, you have access to exceptional technology that will improve your ability to compete and deliver exceptional value to your clients.


  • 次世代テクノロジーへのアクセス
  • 顧客紹介
  • 収益の増加
  • 認定されたエッジベースの分析ソリューションのポートフォリオ
  • エコシステムでの企業ロゴのリスト
  • Comprehensive training on MicroAI solutions

Channel Partners

As IoT, AI, and edge-computing technologies continue to evolve, the demand for cost-effective, transformational, solutions is at an all-time high. Differentiating you solution in a competitive marketplace requires innovation, acceleration, and a productive technology partnership.


  • 次世代テクノロジーへのアクセス
  • Comprehensive training on MicroAI solutions
  • 加速的で持続可能な成長
  • 収益の増加
  • 資格のある顧客紹介の報酬(紹介料)
  • 展開につながるすべての共同エンゲージメントの報酬
  • エコシステムでの企業ロゴのリスト





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