Asset Performance Management and Predictive Maintenance Solutions
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Asset Performance

Improve OEE from

50% – 80%

“When implementing asset performance optimization solutions, operators will see their Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and uptime improve from 50% to over 80% in a few months.” – Deloitte Insights

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How do you perform asset maintenance today?


How ONE’s Asset Performance Management (APM) improves your Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

Asset Performance Management that delivers real-time visibility into the health of your assets

Visibility into the future health of your machine. Know when a part will fail before it fails giving you and your team time to plan and prepare for any machine downtime.

Amend the asset’s maintenance schedule in real-time based on the predicted future health of the asset.


Analyzing over 15 variables to understand exactly how your machine and equipment operates.

Deployment Examples

How ONE APM helps avoid catastrophic downtime

Increase billable operating uptime and productivity

Improve resource production and distribution efficiency

Decrease operational downtime

Improve energy production and distribution efficiency

Lower maintenance costs and improve worker safety

Increase operational uptime and efficiency

Increase operational availability and lower risk of loss

Find out how ONE’s Asset Performance Management Solution can maximize the performance of your valuable assets


100% Customer Satisfaction
30% reduction in maintenance costs
>20% OEE uptime improvement
25% reduction catastrophic downtime

For Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)

Offer performance optimization as a service with your equipment and respond to equipment health issues before your customer has to call you.
ONE Tech specializes in branding, packaging and enabling your sales team to drive additional revenue and retain more customers.

Latest Insights

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