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Take a look at how our company and our technology
has been recognized by our industry and our peers.

Jury Quotes

2020 IoT Edge Computing Excellence Award from IoT Evolution World

“The solutions selected for the IoT Evolution Edge Computing Excellence Award reflect innovation driving the fast-growing Internet of Things marketplace. It is my honor to congratulate ONE Tech for their innovative work and contribution to this rapidly evolving industry,” said Ken Briodagh, Editorial Director, IoT Evolution.
“It is my pleasure to recognize MicroAI™, an innovative solution that earned ONE Tech the 2020 IoT Evolution Edge Computing Excellence Award,” said Rich Tehrani, CEO, TMC “I look forward to seeing more innovation from ONE Tech in the future.”

2020 International Business Awards® Stevie Award

“With the ideal usage of complex AI methods and actionable intelligence platform, One Tech encourages modern clients to viably work and control the consistently interconnected Intelligent products.”
“ONE Tech enables the integration of smart AI, big data analytics, building automation, asset tracking, and predictive maintenance to smart homes, smart cities, fleet industries, and other vertical markets. In realizing the need for businesses to adopt new digital initiatives, ONE sets out to align business objectives with digital designs to implement solutions that are critical to any transformation. It is a great company in this area of emerging technology.”
“ONE Tech has established its credibility in the IoT space and has helped in variety of use cases such as Hi-tech, manufacturing etc. In particular ONE Tech’s MicroAI has shown good market adoption rate as reflected in growth metrics……”
“This is a very interesting usage of Data and AI to solve problem at the edge. It is good to see the company getting traction with customers as well. That is market validation of their AI technology.”
“ONE Tech delivers the latest in Enterprise Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Robotics, BigData Analytics, Business Intelligence (BI) & IoT.”

2020 American Business Awards® Stevie Award

“ONE Tech makes the digital transformation journey seamless via next-generation edge solutions,”
“ONE Tech has very clear development objectives for the short/medium term which demonstrates a focus and commitment to reach the next stage of its business life cycle.”
“The Nominee On Premise and Flexible Algorithm is a great tool and asset to increase the longevity of critical hardware. Not all but specific, significant industries will greatly benefit from this monitoring. Very good for technology.”
“ONE Tech is a leading AI-driven technology company that designs, develops and deploys next-generation IoT solutions for major industries. With deployments in industries such as oil and gas, manufacturing, agriculture and telecom, our solutions help companies optimize the performance and security of their assets in a highly-connected world.”
“ONE Tech aims to relieve issues surrounding asset-performance, maintenance, and IoT security through the deployment of our proprietary machine-learning algorithms and predictive analytics engine. The business has very clear development objectives for the short/medium term which demonstrates a focus and commitment to reach the next stage of its business life cycle. The entry provided a good clear picture of the business and its structure, together with a sense of direction for the future.”